Whole Evolution is my holistic whole person approach coaching practice I created in 2014. As a certified Nutrition and wellness coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I work with women in a client centered approach to support their evolution process to wellness. I specialize in mentoring & coaching women on their path to feeling WELL.  

I truly believe that we are all individuals on our own path and journey towards wellness. I aim to support you and guide you in your process. With my Bio-individuality concept I help you to find what is best for you and create mindfulness and a balance that fits you.

Please click on my contact link at the bottom of this page to email me for a list of my services.

I offer one time WE sessions as well as 3 month, 6 month, & 12 month wellness plans.  

*Whole Evolution is Evolving on a Whole level.

I want to guide you in the direction of health. I want to support you in your personal journey of Evolution.
Everyone has different paths, goals, and dreams. My job is to help you realize those and support the forward moving journey!

*Whole Evolution is about Guidance, Patience, and Practice.

Our health should be on the top of our priority lists. Without it we wouldn't be able to fulfill any of those beautiful goals and dreams. It is a lifelong journey, we are constantly evolving, and changing, and as humans we have powerful strong bodies and minds that are capable of anything! In the shuffle of life, we can sometimes lose ourselves and lose focus on our health, this is where the balance comes in...

*Whole Evolution is about finding a balance!

Making it all work together! You can be healthy! You can be in healthy wonderful relationships! You can work a job you love! You can eat delicious whole real foods!!  You can find time in your busy day to move your body!! You can love yourself!!

*Whole Evolution is about energy!!

Learning how to harness your energies and use them for positive Evolvement and to let go of negative influences that pull on you and leave you feeling tired, depressed, anxious, or over whelmed. I also offer Reiki Energy Sessions, the link is in the bar on the home page. 

*Whole Evolution is what you make it! You Choose!

I am a guide, a supporter, a cheerleader, a coach, a friend. As a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach, I support you in your choices. A non judging, loving, coach, supporting you in your plan. As humans we have the right to make choices it's empowering and feels good. To make a good health choice and to have someone give you a pat on the back, a smile, or a hug... it's about making connections and human connection.

*Whole Evolution is not a one size fits all!

The human body is complex, what works for me might not work for you. You might want to eat a totally plant-based diet or you might want to eat meat. You might be the type of person who goes to the gym everyday and works out for hours or you might like to take long walks outdoors at a low impact rate. Whatever works for you is my agenda. The most important goal is to find out what works and move in that direction!

I hope this has answered the question of What is Whole Evolution. Like you I'm also Evolving and its exciting!! I would love to invite you to private message me and set up a consultation!

 I would love to support you while you evolve!!

Contact me to book a session and/or learn more.