Live and Love in the Journey

My sweet baby Lee is here and I've been living blissfully in baby land for the last 6 weeks. Transitioning from 2 to 3 kids all in different stages has had ups and downs but I find that enjoying the simple times and finding a balance has created a nice flow in our home. Letting go of tall expectations and letting the universe guide me has been helpful, taking time for myself, may seem challenging at times but it is so important. Renewing and quite time is the only way to stay balanced and present. I'm happy to say that I'm starting to take on clients again. Something that makes me feel balanced is helping others. It's a natural flow for me and makes me feel like all is right with the world. Giving back for the greater good is so important to complete the cycle. 

 I've also been granted my six week pass by my OB/GYN to start exercising again. This birth was my third C-section and my body has changed so much since my first child almost 13 years ago! I am taking a new approach to my journey, I'm going to start slowly and go into it as forgiving as possible and with a open heart. With my last two children I felt the need to rush myself into "getting my body back" A evil trick society, and media tries to pull on you. I realize now I have a body, I have a beautiful body that just created and birthed life. I don't need to get anything back because it is here, not only is it here but it is now feeding and nourishing this new life. And I am comforting this new life with my soft contours of my cushy post baby body. My baby fits perfectly when I rock him slowly to sleep and nestles so snugly into the curve of my breast. This is the only time this moment will ever be. This baby will only be 46 days old on this day, and no one can take that away. So I'm letting my body take its natural time to transition. I'm not in a rush, just living completely in the moment and loving myself and my body for what it has done just a short 46 days ago. So with a open heart I will start my yoga flow today, I will continue to eat whole healthy foods, and I will trust in the universe. I'm enjoying my transitional time as much as my destination. If we always focus on the "destination", "the goal weight", "the handstand" etc we are forgetting to live and love in the moment. Live and love in the journey. So today let down any boundaries or walls you may have created, let yourself be exactly what it is in this very moment. Take time to live in the present.