Hello, thank you for checking out my About Me page! 

My name is Carey, and I'm an Intuitive Empath, Reiki Master Practitioner, & certified Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach.

I've been Intuitive and have been able to read between the lines, picking up on energy and seeing connections my entire life.
When I was in my mid 20's, I started working with an amazing spiritual counselor out of West Barnstable, who helped me navigate setting boundaries, grounding, and working with my gift to realize how special it is and how I can use it to help others.

I'm a mother to three wonderful, special children. As a empath and mother I have a natural nurturing vibe. I use a client-centered approach to support women on their evolution process to wellness. I truly believe that we are all individuals on our own path and journey towards wellness, I use integrative Holistic therapies on my path as a healer and helper. All of my Wellness Plans are customized for each clients needs.

I started my practice, Whole Evolution, in 2014, when I completed my certification through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I graduated in 2015, becoming a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach. I work with clients on their own personal Wellness Journey's everyone has their own wellness path to walk from food related issues, allergies, emotional eating, weight management, detox, eating disorders or it may not be about food at all. I work with my client to see what works for them. 

I have worked with Reiki Master Libby Barnett, M.S.W. (the longest practicing Reiki Master Teacher on the East Coast) to receive my Reiki 1, 2, & Master Attunements. I like to incorporate Reiki in my everyday life, using it as a tool for self-care to ground and heal both myself and my family. I am confident in my Reiki practice and love to share the healing power of hands on touch therapy with my clients.

I use effective safe certified therapeutic grade essential oil in my clients wellness plans. I've been working with oils for three years and I've seen wonderful results for myself, family, and clients. I have a passion for natural solutions and can help you create a oil protocol that with assist in your journey. Essential Oils can be used three ways, aromatic, topical, & internal. 

I work with clients to teach simple meditation and breathing techniques that they can practice to bring themselves back to mindful consciousness through out their day.

I'm currently working towards a degree in Psychology. I'm studying child, adolescent, and traumatic psychology and have been researching the connections between mind & body and how holistic therapy can benefit in a medical treatment plan.  

I am currently working on my 200hr yoga teacher training through Cape Cod Yoga school.

I am as you are, continually learning and forever evolving. I aim to support you and guide you in your process of Evolution. With my Bio-individuality concept I would like to support you in finding what is best for you to create mindfulness & balance in you life! Click here to set up a one on one Wellness Consultation. I look forward to meeting you in person.